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Go Wild Or Mild...

29 April 2020 13:42

30 day challenge during may

Go wild or mild...

During the month of May, I thought that it would be great for the children to have a focus and a challenge each day, similar to the 30 days wild that The Wildlife Trust runs every year. So, with that in mind, here is a list of challenges that I have compiled, with the idea of taking on one a day. 

I will also be running this on Facebook, where I will be encouraging individuals to post photographs of their achieved challenges...

Here goes!

#1 Wear all green from head to toe ~ to honour the Beltane festival and the Green Man and the beginning of Summer

#2 Make an egg box creature

#3 Make a Stick Man and his family

#4 Create a Star Wars light sabre - May the Fourth be with you 

#5 Do something different with your hair

#6 Bake some cakes or biscuits in readiness for Friday and VE Day ~

#7 Look out for the Flower Full Moon tonight ~

#8 Celebrate the 75th VE day with a Teddies Tea Party

#9 Learn how to tie some knots

#10 Spend the day looking out of your window & spot what you see

#11 Make a nature collage

#12 Take  drawing lesson ~ look at

#13 National Frog Jumping Day ~

#14 Create a poem

#15 Make a musical instrument

#16 Make an indoor den & sleep in it

#17 Collect flowers & press them

#18 Make a sock puppet

#19 Ident-a-tree ~ find out as many facts about one particular tree & create a note book

#20 Wear stripes, spots & cheques all day

#21 Face-paint or make-up your Mum or Sister, plus join in with a World Record attempt to get the whole world drawing together...

#22 Write your own story

#23 Stay all day in your pyjamas

#24 Create an animal mask

#25 Fashion a May Day Crown or Headdress

#26 Have a picnic in the garden or in your lounge

#27 Paint your Dad's or brothers nails

#28 In the evening lay on the ground & look up at the stars

#29 Make an origami creation ~

#30 Plant a seed & watch it grow

#31 Start thinking & creating your own list of Wild day activities

Keep safe & well